sulFade molecular neutralizer cures the root cause of odor complaints and pipe deterioration.

H2S (hydrogen sulfide) accumulation in lift stations and force mains leads to odor complaints, toxic exposure for sewer workers, and premature pipe failure due to sulfuric acid corrosion. The proprietary chemistry of sulFade breaks down hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, yielding harmless effluent.

Typically, after measuring a problem areas with a gas monitor, a shock dose of sulFade is administered, followed by a maintenance dose dispensed continuously upstream. After initial implementation, H2S is monitored regularly and doses recalibrated to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the solution.


Scour: Odor and Corrosion Control (shock dose)

Commander: Odor and Corrosion Control (maintenance dose)

Clear Air: Odor Neutralizing Concentrate

BioFresh: Biological Odor Control

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