MetroQuip is proud to offer Deery Pavement Preservations Products that are the perfect solution for extending the life of asphalt, concrete, roads, and bridges.

When damage has progressed beyond the limits of sealing and filling, DEERY Repair Mastic® is the solution to further extend the usable life of paved surfaces. Hard, durable aggregate and DEERY’s innovative, void-less compound requires no compaction and remains serviceable through many seasons.

DEERY Repair Mastic is ideal for repair jobs in high-traffic zones. New repairs are ready for traffic as soon as they cool. Only a small crew and minimal equipment is required for an easy field application and smooth, long-lasting results. The answer for surface repairs between extensive filling and resurfacing operations is hot-applied DEERY Repair Mastic.

Level & Go Repair Mastic Cross Sections

DEERY Repair Mastic is a high-performance solution for unconfined areas where installation is not recessed and feathered-edge repairs are needed. It is the right choice for the following pavement-deterioration conditions:

  • Pavement joint separation
  • Sunken thermal cracks
  • Seam cracking
  • Wide pavement cracks
  • Utility cuts
  • Bridge approaches
  • Spalled joints
  • Corner-slab breaks
  • Manhole covers
  • Paver seams
  • Potholes and more…

DEERY Repair Mastic is a hot-applied pre-packaged, ready-to-melt mastic material for concrete and asphalt pavements. DEERY Repair Mastic is composed of select asphalt grades and/or resins; clean, hard, durable particles of wear- resistant aggregates; synthetic rubber polymers; anti-oxidants; naturally occurring and man-made reinforcing materials. The product is available in black (asphalt) color.


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