Have a limited water supply or need to sweep year-round in all weather conditions?  Do you need to sweep in an industrial application where the use of water is reactive with the compounds to be swept – like cement?  Look no further than the Elgin Eagle equipped with a patented Waterless Dust Control System and with proven PM10 and PM 2.5 pickup, proven low dust emissions and proven dry sweep performance.  With the Waterless Eagle, you get the incredible sweep performance but you control dust without using water. And since there’s no water, sweeping in freezing weather conditions is possible, helping you meet the growing demand for quick pick-up of winter-time road sand, salt and cinders. As a result, you significantly reduce time spent on spring clean-up. To increase productivity, Eagle’s Waterless Dust Control System means operators sweep more and spend less time filling tanks. Without water, mud doesn’t build up on components, which can reduce clean-up time at the end of a shift. In addition, the process of dry sweeping provides environmental benefits, including a reduction in your water footprint and less road silt that can be left as a film from water-based dust control sweepers.


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