The vLoc-5000 utility locator brings an innovative element of digital signal processing, position capturing and broadband frequency selection to buried utility locating. Data captured by the internal GPS or external GPS via Bluetooth can be downloaded for further analysis, use with GIS systems or google maps. Use the free VM-MAP smartphone application to create real-time maps with GPS data and data from the locator such as time, depth of cover or current on the line.

  • Broadband frequency selection
  • Built in Bluetooth communication
  • High-capacity Lithium-Ion battery
  • Bright daylight readable receiver display
  • Digital signal processing in receiver and transmitter
  • Sheath fault locating for telecom and power lines (with accessory A-frame)Loc-10TXSIS 10-Watt Transmitter – The Loc-10TXSIS Transmitter provides full support for the new Signal Select and Distortion Alert line ID features. The Broadband Loc-10TXSIS Transmitter has multiple induction and direct-connection frequencies ranging from 161Hz to 200kHz. Additional features of SD (Signal Direction), fault find and multi-frequency transmit modes are included.  This transmitter comes in a soft carry bag with connection leads and ground stake.

    • Auto impedance matching
    • Rechargeable battery option
    • Fault finding frequencies built in
    • Transmit multiple frequencies at once
    • Broadband induction and connection frequencies

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