Knapheide Custom Service Body with Integrated Wachs Valve Maintenance Skid

Wachs has partnered with Knapheide to create the most efficient and complete valve maintenance truck, equipped with maximum storage and delivering unparalleled power and versatility.

To begin, order your cab chassis fleet vehicle with a minimum rating of 19,500 GVRW, and a cab to axle length of 84 inches. When specifying your vehicle, a 220 amp alternator is the minimum requirement to operate the custom service body’s included power invertor. To run the invertor to its full capacity, a high capacity 300 amp or dual alternator arrangement is highly recommended. Upfitter switches and an in-cab reverse camera are also vehicle requirements.

Drop ship your truck to Knapheide in Quincy, IL, upon delivery of your vehicle Knapheide will upfit the custom service body onto your cab and chassis. They will then install Wachs Service Body Skid, available with diesel or gasoline power, to the custom service body, complete with all mechanical, fluid and electrical connections, ready for pickup. Wachs Utility Products has no involvement with the truck chassis cab itself, beyond truck ordering recommendations and specifications.

Choose from the options that best fit your needs. Wachs Service Body Skid, combined with Knapheide’s customized service body professionally upfitted by Knapheide, creates the industry’s most advanced valve maintenance truck. You specify and order your truck cab and chassis, have it delivered to Knapheide and we do the rest. Note the service body and upfitting is unique to each truck brand and engine type.

Custom Service Body Features

  • Custom Service Body painted Oxford White
  • OEM Backup Camera installed behind bumper for protection (camera kit must be ordered with the chassis cab)
  • Inner body Storage for TM-7 (integrated into service body deck, maximizing free deck space) with Rollup Service Door (TM-7 #17-405-01 & upfitting #77-813-01 sold separately).
  • Underbody Storage at rear for 45 lb Breaker (#08-000-10 and tools sold separately), located between frame rails.
  • 110v Electric, 20 Amp Continuous (90 Amp Peak) Low Frequency Inverter with (2) Auxiliary Batteries & Electric Cord Reel – 50ft.
  • Two Drawer Tool Box.
  • Grip Strut Rear Bumper with Pintle Hook Recess, Class V Receiver (Rated @ 12,000 lb trailer weight & 2,400 lb tongue) and Cable Steps
  • LED Warning Strobe Light Kit (front/rear)
  • LED lighting in all cabinets
  • Cab Guard Full Width, Rear facing LED Work Lights (2) & Grab Handle
  • Key/Shovel Storage Box (132in L x 10in H x 20in D) above full height cabinets with Reinforced and Covered front (32″)
  • Extended Cargo Floor to Edge of Body Curb Side (vertical compartments deleted above floor level), all Spray Lined
  • Rear Storage Compartment for Paint Spray Cans & Wire Brush

Service Body Valve Maintenance Skid

Wachs Service Body Skid is used in conjunction with the custom Knapheide service body.  Assembled by Wachs and shipped direct to Knapheide, it is upfitted following installation of the custom service body to your furnished chassis cab.

The Service Body Skid Skid is available with diesel or gasoline power, usually tied to the choice of engine in the chassis cab. It draws its fuel supply from the truck, eliminating the need for separate fueling of the SB Skid’s diesel or gasoline engine. Like our other skid platforms, all Wachs valve maintenance components such as the vac system, water supply, spoils tank and HPU come preinstalled and prewired to a steel skid, ready to bolt down to the custom service body, complete with all mechanical, fluid and electrical connections to the truck chassis cab.

The Standard SB Skid can be optioned with a wide range of valve exercising machines, vacuum systems with powered spoils tanks, hot water systems and more. Typical equipment includes a powerful 500 CFM-11in Hg vacuum, a 250 gal spoils tank utilizing Wachs exclusive hydraulic slide, tilt & rear discharge, with a power latching rear door. Also standard is a 2.5 GPM@3000 psi pressure washer system and 80 gallon water tank, with an optional hot water system for colder climes.

A HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) with a HTMA Class II circuit is included, with a 10 gal reservoir, and a fan cooled heat exchanger, producing up to 8 gpm @ 2000 psi to operate the ERV-750, optional TM-7 SD or HD Plus, and accessory hand tools such as breakers. A 50 foot hydraulic hose reel and programmable arrow board and work lights round out the equipment list of this utility workhorse.

Contact the Wachs representative nearest you for additional information and details. Wachs part numbers for the Service Body and upfitting vary by the truck manufacturer and engine option selected:

  • 77-810-01 GM Diesel
  • 77-811-01 Ford Diesel
  • 77-811-02 Ford Gas
  • 77-812-01 Ram Diesel
  • 77-812-02 Ram Gas

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