With a reach of up to 30 feet, the Saber was designed for mowing canals and waterways or any other long reach mowing need. The solid secondary boom arm provides the strength, performance and stability needed to carry a 60″ rotary cutter head that can cut material up to 5″ in diameter.

  • Boom reach out: up to 30′ 8″
  • Boom reach up: up to 27′ 5″
  • Engineered design: Boom mower can handle material up to 5″ diameter with the rotary cutter head and up to 4″ material with a flail head.
  • Transport: Saber series transport places the cutter head to the rear of the tractor for optimum operator visibility.
  • Operator Safety: Polycarbonate window replaces standard cab door glass and or side view window.
  • Hydraulic system: Self contained hydraulic circuit for cutter head provides maximum hydraulic flow and pressure to the cutter head.
  • Tractor requirement: Compact utility tractors with an GVW of 10,250 lbs.
  • Warranty: One year parts and labor. Non-governmental users subject to a modified policy. Only genuine Tiger OEM parts may be used for warranty replacement.

Cutting head options

  • 50″ Rotary cutter head with hydraulic safety door
  • 60″ Rotary cutter head with hydraulic safety door
  • 50″ Flail with brush or grass knives

Optional equipment

  • Electronic joystick control system
  • Wetcut – Herbicide spray bar system

The Saber 28 & 30 is a premier mid-mount boom mower for a high horsepower utility tractor with a GVW of 10,250 lbs. The Saber 28 & 30 are ideal for cutting grass and brush on roadsides, irrigation ditches or waterways.

Engineered with the latest is high strengthen steel, this efficient boom mower can slice through material up to 5″ in diameter with the rotary head and up to 4″ material with the flail head. A nitrogen accumulator on inner lift cylinder allows the operator to control the boom arm smoothly during the cutting operation. when mowing around obstacles such as culverts and or guard rails.

Cylinders designed on the top of the boom weldments for reaching over obstacles such as guard rails, stumps, signs and waterways. Operator safety window made of 3/8″ polycarbonate provides a safe and clear view of the working area.

Boom mower head stows to the rear of the tractor for easy transport. Once positioned in the rest, the operator can secure the assembly with the electric travel safety lock.


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