Model 2000 conveyors

For big jobs like road widening, installing pipe bedding, trench filling and shouldering, the heavy-duty, extra-capacity Model 2000 Hydraulic Truck Conveyor is the new time-, labor-, material-, and money-saving innovation you’ve been looking for.

Designed to mount quickly and easily to road graders, loaders, and tractors for efficient delivery of both free-flowing and large, chunky materials where you want them, when you want them, without expensive hand labor. Its versatile hitch design lets you adapt to many types of hitches, allowing the use of a variety of push vehicles. The Model 2000 actually increases the number of uses for a single piece of equipment without adding significantly to your down time or labor costs.


The Model 2000 is versatile enough to adapt to many different types of hitches.

  • grader push plate mounted HTC lift group
  • John Deere scarifier mount
  • Balderson style
  • loader bucket clamps
  • American Coupler system
  • pin placements used when the loader bucket is removed
Model 2000
Belt Width
Gate Opening
16″ x 16″
2860 lbs.
600 tons/hr
(Dimensions are approximate.) 2000 specs


2-Foot Strike

Two-foot Hydraulic Strike-off Wing

Designed for narrow widths, it is controlled with valve manifold and 25′ pendant control. With 12″ of movement, it can go from 1′ width out to 2′. A 12″ extension can be added making the width 2′ out to 3′.

Truck-wheel Hitch

Hydraulically hooks the wheels of the truck to hold the truck to the Model 2000.

Truck Mount
Manual Strike

Manual Strike-off Wing

Levels the material as it is conveyed to the shoulder of the road. It extends from 2′ to 6′ from the conveyor gate and is able to work 5 inches above or below the grade.

Operator’s Platform

Can be either wing mounted, front mounted, or both. The platform allows you to add an operator right on the machine, if desired.

Operator  Operator
Hydraulic Strike

Hydraulic Strike-off Wing

Adjusts height, slope, and width by using the electrically-operated control. Equipped with a customized valve manifold, which features an electromagnetic hydraulic actuation for remote control, load sensing on all cylinders and motor functions, and greatly reduced leakage points.

Power Units

Diesel or gas power units allow operation of the unit without connecting to an existing hydraulic system. The hydraulic system on the power unit features a large 30-gallon reservoir with a suction strainer and filter for trouble-free operation. power unit specs

4-Foot Ext

Four-foot Extension

Mounts to either end of the Model 2000 Conveyor to give you the extra reach you sometimes need for ditch filling or delivering materials to those hard-to-reach locations.

Drag Box

For narrower, edge-rut filling, the 2-foot wide box is attached to the end of the conveyor and drags on the ground, leaving behind the desired amount of material. This is controlled by the adjustable door on the box.

Valve Manifold

Valve Manifold

Features electromagnetic hydraulic actuation for remote control, load sensing, incorporated power-boost feature, capable of being used with open or closed hydraulic systems. The oversized oil cooler provides optimal oil cooling and increased pump life.

Wireless Control

Now you can run your Model 2000 from  1000 feet away with the wireless control by Omnex . You can start, throttle, and shutdown the power unit engine.Operate the three strike-off wing cylinders and run either the truck wheel hitch or hydraulic gate, all by remote control! (with emergency E-Stop)

Receiver & Transmitter

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