OVERVIEW | For a sweep system with variable high dump capabilities and highway transport speeds, turn no further than the Elgin Eagle four-wheel mechanical (broom) sweeper. Eagle sweepers are equipped with a no-jam conveyor or the optional elevator squeegee system, wide sweep path and a trouble-free variable height lift system. Built on a conventional or cab-over commercial chassis, the Elgin Eagle features a dual mode air suspension system, so an operator can go from a solid rear axle for  dumping stability to a fully sprung chassis for operator comfort and control during high speed transport.

The Elgin Eagle sweeper is specially suited for applications where sweeping versatility is required. With the Eagle’s full width no–jam conveyor, and highway speeds, DOT shoulder sweeping involving hubcaps, mufflers, retreads and other bulky items is a breeze. Upholding the highest in sweeper standards, the Elgin Eagle is equally at home on heavy millings, fall leaves and spring clean up. The waterless version can do all this without the use of dust control water, allowing for year-round operation and use on water reactive compounds like Portland cement.


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