A brand dedicated tp advanced, safe-digging technology. To better performance. To superior productivity. That’s why TRUVAC was founded, and what TRUVAC delivers in every truck.



BOOM – 8″ vacuum system, extendable or telescopic to 22′ reach, 320° rotation

CHASSIS – Multiple options

DEBRIS BODY – 50° tilting 12 yd3 or 15 yd3 debris body

VACUUM SYSTEM – Positive displacement blower options rated at 18 in-HG/4970 cfm, 28 in-HG/5200 cfm, or 28 in-HG/6176 cfm, also available with two-stage centrifugal compressor

WATER SYSTEM – 10 or 20 GPM at 3000 PSI water pump options with DigRight® technology

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Western & Northern Idaho and Eastern Oregon Sales

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Sales Representative

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